2N GSM/UMTS Gateways for the Termination of Voice Traffic

2N Company is a Czech manufacturer, which produces hardware and software for VoIP telephony. The product line contains GSM gateways that can be used for voice traffic termination. The devices support not only GSM but also a modern 3G network standard. That is why the gateways are fit for SIM-cards from any operator.

In the range of products there are 3g voip gateway models, supporting a different number of simultaneous calls:

  • 4-channel 2N VoiceBlue Next (supporting up to 4 SIM-cards);
  • 8-channel 2N Blue Tower (supporting up to 64 SIM-cards);
  • 32-channel 2N StarGate (supporting up to 256 SIM-cards).

2n goip gateway gsm provides a more efficient GSM-termination when used in conjunction with the SIM Box and SIM Board, designed to store numerous SIM cards in one place. SIM-cards inserted in the equipment can be remotely controlled via SIM Star SIM Server. It is compatible with gateways 2N StarGate and 2N VoiceBlue Next. Using SIM Star, you can from one point remotely control multiple cards GSM gateways located in different parts of the city, or even in different cities.

In addition, the SIM-server enables to top up the cards, using IVR-messages, USSD-requests, and SMS-messages. The statistics monitoring function is provided for the individual gateways (ASR indicators) and the ability to upload CDR (Call Detail Records).

In order to ensure a profitable business on the termination with 2n gsm gateway, it is important to connect and set up the equipment correctly. You also need to know a lot of nuances to set up SIM server for gateways. We offer you a comfortable and convenient option – to hook up your GSM gateways and SIM-banks to the cloud service GoAntiFraud. You will have to perform complicated settings and look for qualified technical support for your business. We will quickly connect your device to our server so you can start a profitable GSM termination. GoAntiFraud supports equipment from GoIP, EjoinTech & China Skyline, and Topex. You can also buy our gateways equipped with 1 to 32 channels at low prices. We cooperate directly with Hybertone and China Skyline.


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